Halloween poem.

Pumpkin lanterns full of light

Brightening up the darkening night

Spooks and demons, ghosts galore

Coming tonight to knock on your door

Cobwebs and masks, spiders and bats

Long hooked noses and pointy hats

Witches and wizards out on the street

knock on your door for a trick or treat

When the moon is high and the day is done

Open your door and have some Fun!

By Brenda Williams


Problem solving.

1.Tom had a platter of wafers he ate 5 of them and then gave his brother 3.he then handed them to his football team of 8 members the first player took 1 the second player took 3 and the third player took 5 and so on when the last player took his the platter was empty how many wafers did tom start with.


2.kate was capturing butterflies and noticed she had enough room to hold 317 butterflies in her bucket if she had only captured 114 butterflies how many more would she need to fill her bucket.


3.Ben had 50 marbles in a bag 20% of the marbles are blue how many marbles are blue.

Answers going up on Friday.


Capital city=Dublin

Area=70,282 square kilometres



Highest Mountain=Carrauntoohill

Longest river=River Shannon

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Who I am online


At home I am just an ordinary girl who likes to do gymnastics and who completely loves animals. Online I am a magical fairy who loves to fly here and there. I have wings because I would dream to fly.If I was to make one wish it would to be able to fly.I have an orange outfit to match my huge wings that are nearly the size of me. I have daisies on my top cause there my favorite flowers. I am in the jungle because  I would love to explore when I am older and see all of the wild animals and  have duck face lips because that is the pose that I always use in a selfie (I love selfies). Kaitlin out!

Hello world!

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